Dec. 25th, 2011

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Want to affiliate? Just leave a comment here with a one-sentence description of your comm!

Super Junior
miracle______ - LJ's primary Super Junior fanfiction comm
[community profile] kyumi - A community dedicated to Kyuhyun & Zhou Mi
[community profile] hyunaday - A picture of Cho Kyuhyun every day
[community profile] kibumaday - A picture of Kim Kibum every day

Asian Pop
[community profile] jfiction - A community for all Japan-related fanfiction works (J-music RPF, animanga, etc.)
[community profile] attackallaround - A community for the J-Pop group of the same name

[community profile] betaplease - Whether you need a beta or are looking for a fic to beta, this is the comm for you :)


Dec. 25th, 2011 03:52 am
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Hello, and welcome to [community profile] sujufics, your one-stop shop for Super Junior fanfiction on dreamwidth! Kyuu ([personal profile] koyuki) and I ([personal profile] outstretched) are your mods. We hope you enjoy your stay here, and post lots of fic for everyone to read!

We'd love it if you helped us advertise the community. Could you please pimp us out on your journals and comms? And if you know any comms (LJ or dw) that might want to affiliate, please tell us about them!

If you have any questions or comments, drop us a note here or PM us, whatever suits you. Happy posting, and please enjoy yourselves!


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