Jan. 19th, 2012

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Super Junior Commentfic Meme!

  1. Anon is always okay here.

  2. Leave a comment with a prompt. Post as many as you want! Remember that it's a commentfic meme, so make sure your prompt isn't too big. All ratings okay. You can mention a pairing you'd like, or leave it open for writer's choice.

  3. All pairings are acceptable as long as at least one Super Junior member is involved.

  4. Fill the prompts! As many as you like, multiple fills are awesome!

  5. Use subject headers. An example of a subject header might be "Ryeowook/Yesung, domesticity and puppies." You should mention darker/stronger things if you have those in your prompt/fic, too.

  6. The first comment thread is reserved for one-sentence fills. Leave one-word prompts and write one-sentence fills there! Longer fills everywhere else, please.

  7. No drama, hate, flaming, etc.

  8. Pimp us out!

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Title: you sold me halfway across the sea
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Henry/Amber
Summary: Henry used to never spy on his neighbors, but now he did.

Posting this here because [personal profile] outstretched made me =P

( Actually, even now he wasn't spying on neighbors, really. )


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